Anna Bayes

Anna Bayes writes sexy short stories. Several of her stories even made it to Amazon’s bestselling list. So, yes, it can be said that Anna is good at writing sexy stories. But, who is Anna when she’s not writing? Here is the inside story:


Anna is an introverted life-long bookworm. She looks shy and kind of innocent, but is actually a wild number if she warms up to you. Her sexuality is fluid: she’s into men mostly, but she can be swept off her feet by certain women too. It is not “looks” that gets her; it is the brains, imagination, and a touch of vulnerability: something real and fragile, as a truly beautiful human being actually is deep within.

Sexy stories are not the only types of stories she loves, but mind-shattering great sex makes her feel alive, and so she has been writing sexy stories with gusto. The dynamic tension between lovers in relationships intrigues her, and she tries to convey something of that in her stories. Her characters can be bisexual, lesbian, straight, or in multi-partner relationships, because we are all sexy inside, whatever our sexual orientation might be. Anna loves BDSM, and is herself a submissive.

About writing, Anna adores short stories and flash fiction. She admires how a story with multiple layers of meaning can be packed into just a few hundred words. She happily types her thoughts and stories, sharing them with the good people on the Internet who seem to love her just the way she is.



231 thoughts on “Anna Bayes

  1. Julia Manuel says:

    Many thanks for following my new blog Anna. I’m grateful & honoured. Your truth and openness is wonderfully refreshing! I look forward to reading more of your work. Peace, love & light, jules

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